CommitteeDescriptionLead from Board of Directors
CoachesThe Coaches Committee for WIAL-USA identifies and meets the needs of certified Action Learning Coaches. We're also accountable for measuring the efforts to ensure positive impact.

This committee works with other committees, especially the Education Committee and Communities of Practice Committee to provide a support that is well connected and strategically aligned.

Outputs of the committee are forming and could include virtual sessions to compare notes and ask questions, a spotlight speaker series, and the production of a semi-monthly newsletter or LinkedIn articles.
Alex Walker
Certification &
This committee works closely with WIALs Certification and Education Committees. Helping to keep the certification content fresh and helping to identify WIAL inside programs.Sophie McGrath
Communities of
The Community of Practice (CoP) Committee for WIAL-USA works with the Coaches and Education Committees to identify and meet the needs of certified Action Learning Coaches. Through this collaboration, the CoP Committee connects coaches and fosters a learning and knowledge sharing forum. We are planning to launch a virtual community early in 2018 with the hopes that overtime communities will grow organically across various regions of the USA. We're also accountable for measuring the efforts to ensure positive impact.Mary Volz-Peacock
ConferenceResponsible for all aspects of the WIAL-USA conference.David Troupe
Micaela Elizondo
FundraisingThis committee has been established to lead the Board in efforts that attract money and services needed to carry out the mission of the organization. We will work to establish goals that are aimed at the specific short-term and long-term fundraising needs for WIAL-USA and consistent with the goals outlined by the Board’s strategic plan for the organization. The committee will plan funding activities to generate revenue for WIAL-USA. Fundraising opportunities will be explored through individual donors, foundations, government grants, and corporate sponsorships. Regular review of funding plan and activities will ensure progress toward funding goals.
In order to meet its goals, this committee will aim to build donor loyalty by ensuring satisfaction, building relationships, and building trust.
Satisfaction- We want donors to know and see that their contributions are making a difference.
Relationships- We want donors to feel connected and part of WIAL-USA’s mission.
Trust- We want donors to feel confidence that their contributions are helping fulfill WIAL-USA’s mission.
Craig Filipkowski
PartnersPartners are paying organizations (big and small) that endorse the WIAL method of Action Learning.
Membership benefit includes the use of WIAL Partner Branding, opportunity to network with global affiliates, discounted access to WIAL’s cutting edge research and best practices, etc.
Tiffany Maurycy
MarketingDevelop WIAL-USA Marketing strategy and develop Marketing support programs and tools
Research & PublicationsThe WIAL Research Committee is looking for members to help us develop and shape existing data to provide a compelling narrative for our members. We know Action Research works, and we have stories based on feedback from our practitioners. We need to share these stories and would love to have your help in helping us share this information. For more information, contact Popsy Kanagaratnam at popsy.kanagaratnam@gmail.comPopsy Kanagaratnam
SolutionsPrimary function is to identify opportunities for WIAL Action Learning solutions throughout the country.Eric Zabiegalski