October 22, 2018 - Seattle, WA

Welcome to the 2018 WIAL-USA Annual Forum!


This year we are eager to bring to you a critical topic that continues to be at the center of attention for leaders and organizations throughout America. How can we strengthen the level of engagement in the workplace and influence the hearts and minds of those who can generate organizational success? We have known for years that the level of engagement directly affects the bottom line in many ways. And while we might “know” it, many of us still struggle to achieve levels of engagement that make a positive difference in our organizations. Join us as we explore and discover information that could liberate our thinking, inspire us, and offer possibilities for building real organizational excellence. Grab a few of your associates and join us in Seattle for this year’s conference dedicated to “Energizing Engagement Through Action Learning”.

David Troupe Chair

Micaela "Mickey" Elizondo